Sallie Tomato Faux Leather Tour

Today I am excited to share my project for the Sallie Tomato Faux Leather Tour. Their new line of vegan faux leather is super soft, beautiful, and easy to sew with. The price point makes it a great alternative to cork or leather, and it’s perfect for a variety of projects and skill levels.


I knew right away that I wanted to do something quilted, and combine my two sewing loves – bag making and quilting. I chose to use the Black and Concrete faux leather in the Legacy finish to make a Sallie Tomato Tiffany handbag, and used Sallie Tomato hardware and zippers by the yard in Gunmetal finish. I quilted and constructed my entire bag using Aurifil Forty3 in Black, color 2692. The quilting pattern is a variation of a pattern found in Jacquie Gering’s upcoming book, Walk 2.0.


Quilting the faux leather turned out to be easier, but more time consuming, than I expected. I was so excited to see the finished product that I was more than willing to put in the time, though. My Peel n Stick Ruler Tape turned out to be quite handy for this project. I was able to mark my quilting lines quickly and easily, and the tape maintained its stick, so I was able to reuse it.


Once I had quilted the side panels, the rest of my Tiffany bag came together very quickly.


My favorite part of bag making is in the details. Sallie Tomato Hardware and Zippers By The Yard add a professional finish to any bag, and they are so easy to use. The faux metal finish on the zippers sew up like any plastic zipper, but they look so polished.


I added a pieced pocket to one side panel to add a bit of contrast. Sallie Tomato faux leather is really pliable, so it pieced together smoothly and was easy to topstitch.


I used Ruby Star Society Mystery Food in Berry, designed by Sarah Watts, for the lining fabric. I love a splash of pink in any project, and this fabric certainly achieved that!


Have you read the selvedge messages on Ruby Star Society fabric? These designers have been using such uplifting happy messages on their fabrics for years. I loved using the selvedge to the line the inside of the straps, and added a hidden message and a great reminder for how to do life these days.


Using Aurifil Forty3 for this project added a great amount of texture without standing out too much, which was exactly what I was hoping for.


I hope you enjoyed reading about my project and my process. Be sure to check out yesterday’s project by Hilary Jordan, and follow along with the rest of the tour. There are so many amazing makers, and their projects are sure to be outstanding.