Sew For Fifteen

Sew For Fifteen is an opportunity for us to inspire and challenge each other to get started on those quilting techniques and projects that we’ve had our eye on for awhile, but haven’t started for one reason or another.  I want to be that person cheering you on, encouraging you to get out there and try that thing you’re scared of.  Maybe you’ve been wanting to try sewing curves for awhile.  Or maybe English Paper Piecing or Foundation Paper Piecing look fun, but you never got around to finding the tools you need to get started. You can do it! During Sew For Fifteen, we’ll encourage each other, challenge each other, and of course, have the chance to win awesome prizes!

The Challenge:

Sew For Fifteen has two primary objectives. I challenge you to:

  1. Find 15 minutes to work on a quilting project of your choice (related to each monthly theme) at least once a month. Sometimes we put things off because we don’t have the time to really sit down and get into it. I don’t know about you, but looking back on 2018, I would have finished a lot of projects if I’d found 15 minutes here and there to work on them.
  2. Learn new quilting techniques that you’ve been wanting to try. Each month will have a theme.  In 2019, we will try:
    • January: Curves
    • February: EPP
    • March: Quilting (By machine or by hand)
    • April: FMQ (get those practice quilt sandwiches ready!)
    • May: FPP
    • June: WIPs
    • July: Quilt Design
    • August: Applique (of all kinds)
    • September: Binding/Facing
    • October: Quilter’s Choice: Pattern
    • November: Quilter’s Choice: Technique (Improv, fabric weaving, Y seams, etc)
    • December: Year In Review and Planning Ahead

How to Participate:

Choose a Project: You may work on any quilting project you choose that you’d like to chip away at 15 minutes at a time (or longer if you’re lucky enough to find the time).  It does not need to be related to the monthly theme, but only entries that relate to the monthly theme will count toward winning prizes.

Take a Photo and Share it: Sew For Fifteen will take place completely on Instagram. You do not need to officially sign up, but you will need to have a public Instagram account.  You will enter by posting a picture of what you did during your 15 minutes of project work using the hashtag #sbbsewfor15.  Whether you pulled fabrics, cut some blocks, or got started on your sewing, share a photo of your progress and that’s an entry.  You may enter as many times as you would like throughout the month.

Enjoy the resources: Throughout the month, I will share resources that will support you in your effort to learn new quilty things. I will post links to blogs and videos shared by experts on that month’s theme.  I will also do some Instagram live videos with our sponsors. And of course, I will post throughout the month to say hi and check in on your progress. If you find any good tips or tricks, please share them!  We’re all here to learn from each other.

What projects can I work on?

You may work on any project you choose, but only photos that are related to the monthly theme will count as entries toward the monthly prize.  We have many generous sponsors, and we’d like to highlight their work as it relates to the theme each month.

Do I have to participate every month?

We’d love to have you with us each month of the year, but you are welcome to pick and choose the months with themes that interest you.  Just post an entry during the months that you choose to participate, and you’re in!

What are the prizes?

There will be two giveaways each month.

The “Getting Started” giveaway: On the first day of each month, I will announce the “Getting Started” giveaway in a post on Instagram.  It will consist of at least one tool that will help get you started for that month’s theme.  It will run for 48 hours, after which point the winner will be announced on Instagram and here on my blog. I will send the winner a DM on Instagram to arrange for shipment of your prize.  If you do not respond within 72 hours of when I sent the DM, another winner will be chosen.

The End of the Month giveaway: On the second day of each month, I will choose a winner from the previous month’s entries.  For example, on February 2, I will choose a winner from all of the January photo entries.  An entry is eligible to win if:

  • It was posted between the first and last day of the month, in YOUR timezone.
  • Used the correct hashtag (#sbbsewfor15)
  • Pertained to a project that relates to the monthly theme (see list posted above).
  • The person is following the Instagram accounts for that month’s sponsors.
  • The entry is from a public Instagram account.

Monthly Sponsors:

January (Curves):RJR Fabrics has generously offered to donate a bundle of Cotton Supreme Solids for our Getting Started giveaway.


Also on offer for the Getting Started giveaway (offered by yours truly) is a set of Drunkards Path quilting templates.

Color Girl Quilts has generously donated one Classic Curves Ruler and pattern pack for our end of the month giveaway.


February (EPP): Get your EPP journey started with some Brimfield blocks.  The Getting Started giveaway features a starter pack with papers for each of the Brimfield blocks: Brimfield, Brimfield Meadows, and Brimfield Star.


This giveaway also includes a Liberty fabrics scrap pack offered by South Bay Bella Studio.

The rest of our sponsors will be announced as the event unfolds.  We’ve got lots of great stuff planned, so stay tuned.

I have lots of questions!  Where do I ask them?

This is my first time planning something like this, so please be gentle! If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave comments here and I will respond as quickly as possible.  Otherwise, get those curved projects ready for January and I’ll see you in about a week!  Thanks for joining me on this crazy adventure.