Enjoy The Journey

Do you EPP? I tried English Paper Piecing for the first time at the #EPPParty hosted by Mister Domestic and Pat Bravo over on Instagram. It’s been such fun learning new hand sewing skills and trying new blocks and shapes with each new block they introduce. The most recent block was #7: Chrysanthemum. I decided to go pretty literal with this one and found this photo for inspiration: 

I’ve been wanting to try improv sewing for awhile, and thought this was just the block for it. I selected a few pinks and yellows for the center and got to work. After a few hours of work, 8 Y seams, and a fat eighth worth of fabric invested, this is what I came up with:

I loved the way the improv turned out, but the stitches on the yellow strip were coming really loose at the curves. I might have been able to save it by cutting out a bit of the fabric at each of the corners, but I was afraid it might fray and come apart even more in the end, so back to the drawing board. I turned to one of my favorite techniques, weaving with my WEFTY needle (learn more here), and wasn’t disappointed. Here is the final version of my block:

One thing I’ve learned as a teacher, a crafter, and a mom is that “failure” is such an important part of success. I learned so much about improv, worked on a few Y seams, and enjoyed some unexpected fabric weaving on my journey to a block that I really love. Have you had any sewing “failures” that led to success? Maybe you sought out a new piecing technique? Or learned how to use a new notion? I’d love to hear about your journey.